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Warehouse Renovation

Renovation Singapore
Warehouse Renovation Singapore 1

Warehouse Renovation

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In most cases, warehouse renovation projects are carried out to increase the market value of the property prior to selling, lower the carbon footprint of the facility or to lower energy costs in the property. However, many property owners shy away from this form of commercial remodeling works because they are afraid of the associated costs. Over the past years, various cost effective industrial updating options have been proposed for warehouses. If you are one of the property owners out there advocating for lower energy consumption and are looking for ways to make your warehouse greener and more energy efficient, here are various interior improvement aspects you should consider.

Retrofit your Warehouse to Improve Energy Efficiency

Warehouse Renovation Singapore


  1. Renovation Tip: Cooling the Roof

To make your warehouse renovation more energy efficient, you should consider applying a “cool roof”. This is achieved by applying a coat of highly-reflective painting works on the roof of the warehouse. This reflective paint from the upgrading reduces the amount of heat absorbed by the building through the roof. This in turn lowers the costs of cooling the house, using air conditioners. With such a refitting coating on the roofs, you can lower the temperature rating on the air conditioning units, hence making your facelift more energy efficient.


  1. Modernization Tip: Using Solar Tubes To Increase Natural Lighting

Using natural light in the warehouse renovation can cut down the energy costs in the warehouse significantly. To take full advantage of natural light in the facility, you should install light tubes during restoration. The installation of the tubes during the warehouse renovation will not cut through the various structural components of the roof, which may affect energy efficiency. Additionally, the tubes are comprised of a highly-reflective material, which channels natural light from the outside into the warehouse. This way, you will not need to use other energy sources to light the warehouse. As such, your redecoration will end up saving more on energy bills.


  1. Refurbishment Tip: Improve The Insulation

If your warehouse has the traditional battery insulation, you should consider revamping to improve the insulation or even replacing it with a better insulation option. If your refurbishment will be replacing the insulation system, you should consider using sprayed-foam or loose-fill materials to insulate the walls of the warehouse during refitting . While this aspect of warehouse renovation may be comparatively expensive to install, such fit-out will save you a lot of money in the long run. Once the building is well insulated, it will conserve heat. This will eliminate the need to heat the warehouse every now and then, hence save on energy bills.


  1. Makeover Tip: Installing Lighting Sensors

This is another warehouse renovation aspect you should consider employing, if you would like to lower energy consumption in the warehouse. The lighting sensors should be attached to the lighting system in the building. Once in place, the sensors will ensure that the lights are on only when the warehouse is accessed by people. When nobody is in the facility, the lights will remain off. This feature is particularly beneficial for the warehouses that are not accessed often. Additionally, you may also install level sensors in the warehouse to regulate the amount of natural light getting into the warehouse.


  1. Reconditioning Tip: Changing the Lighting Scheme

Ambient and copious lighting schemes are a requirement in some warehouse renovation. However, in some rehabilitation cases, they are inappropriately used. As such, you should consider replacing such overhaul lighting schemes with a task-lighting scheme. The repair lights that are installed close to the ceilings should be lowered, such that they are closer to the workers in the warehouse. This simple warehouse redevelopment project can greatly lower energy consumption in the warehouse. This is because lowering the lights will ensure that minimal lamps are required to properly illuminate the facility. This rebuilding change is more effective if used along with artificial lights and motion sensors.


  1. Reconstruction Tip: Replacing The Current Lights With Either Induction Or Fluorescent Lights

This is among the important remodeling retrofits that you should consider implementing, in a bid to lower energy consumption in the warehouse. As compared to the conventional bulbs, fluorescent lights use 50 percent less energy.  This way, the updating installation cost of these lights will be recovered in two to three years because the lights will cut down lighting costs in the warehouse by about 5 percent. The use of induction lighting is also advised because the induction lighting is about 40 percent more energy efficient than the fluorescent lighting.


  1. Improvement Tip: Installing Destratification Fans

If your warehouse is situated in a cool climate, you can save on the heating costs by investing on destratification fans for the warehouse renovation. In their functioning, such fans channel warm air to the floor of the warehouse making the entire structure feel warm. You may either use the large sized or smaller fans to achieve this.


Currently, an increasing number of commercial property owners are carrying out warehouse renovations to make their properties more energy efficient and lower the carbon footprint of the properties. It is not enough to upgrade an energy efficient office if the warehouse is not. With these easy and affordable warehouse renovation retrofits, you can make the structure more energy efficient.


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