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Besides Dormitory Renovation, we also renovate all other types of commercial units, such as office renovation, clinics, retail, cafe, restaurant, etc.
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Dormitory Renovation

Renovation Singapore
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Dormitory Renovation

Dormitory Renovation Contractor Singapore – Are you looking for Dormitory Renovation Contractor in Singapore? Office Empire is Singapore’s leading Commercial Renovation contractor. Check out our range of Dormitory Renovation Contractor services in Singapore Now!

Renovation is very necessary for everything we are relate to. Dormitory renovation is also very vital because it plays a great role for the students or people who used to live in. Dormitory is just the substitute in the place of home for those people. Home is the most comfortable place for anyone’s life but who stay in dormitory can’t take that peace.

Though Dormitory is not the replacement of home, it should be the touch of comfort like home

Dormitory Renovation Singapore


Now-a-days, the dormitory business is running very good. So if you are in dormitory business, you must renovate it from time to time. A dormitory residence is the building for many people who stays all together with common bathroom, recreation areas, private rooms or semi private rooms so it should be more comfortable, clean, hygiene, safe, changing and with modern interior fit-out all time. If people always have to compromise with poor room facilities, unhygienic or old appliances, low quality surrounding at recreation area; it will not be befitted for them as well as you because they will not pay money for lower quality service .They can find the betterment easily.


When working on a dormitory renovation project, you can rebuild the quarter or reconstruct the unit it and make it clean, efficient and convenient. The electrical works and lighting of the dormitory ought to renovated from brilliant globules to fluorescent ones, which create 30 percent all the more light and utilize a large portion of the vitality. Renovate and reinstall the floors, in all regions possible to be renovated; you can give another recyclable floor covering tile in those understudy rooms where reuse of the current hardwood floor was unrealistic. Put in new availability slopes for the renovation to permit persons with in-capacities access to every single open space. These are just some updated modernization proposal. You can take after those so you can remodel your dormitory.

Contact Renovation Contractor Singapore today to find out more about how Office Empire’s various renovation contractor services can help you in your renovation projects. Office Empire is the leading Office RenovationOffice ReinstatementOffice Relocation and Office Furniture supplier in Singapore. Whether you have got your own renovation ideas or need some interior renovation inspiration for your office fit-out project, the professional and experienced team at Office Empire is here to help you create the best office environment possible. From concept to creation, let us inspire you. We design and renovate office spaces all over Singapore and throughout the region. For the full range of office renovation services that we provide, do call or email Singapore’s leading office renovation contractor and we will get back to you.

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