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Every Office Renovation project starts with Office Space Planning to maximize office space.Let Office Empire help you with your Office Space Planning today!
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Office Space Planning Singapore

Office Renovation Singapore

Office Space Planning – Are you looking to do Office Space Planning in Singapore? Office Empire is Singapore’s leading Office Space Planning renovator. Check out our range of Office Space Planning services in Singapore Now!



The office renovation question which crosses everyone’s mind while doing office space planning is what kind of office interior design will suit the working structure of the organization? Should employees have their own office desks or are they going to share office furniture with the other co-workers after the office renovation is complete? Which is a better office refurbishing option – open office concept or an enclosed office partition panels? Maybe there is a solution in the middle which maybe the best for the office renovating plans? How many and what kind of conference table and meeting tables are needed? Well, Office Empire is here to help you with all your office renovation project.


If you want to do office space planning for your new office renovation, than you will face a lot of office renovating difficulties and office fitout challenges no matter whether you are the end-user or an office interior designer for office refittings. You must think about practical office renovation issues rather than relying on theoretical analysis. These practical issues covers a lot of areas such as structural requirements for the office facelift,  closeness of relationships, base-work and office furniture, but more important office renovation issues such as costs of employment, accuracy of the working  surroundings, and hypo-ethical concussion. It helps both users and office interior designers to help them go for the best office refurbishment. It is also suitable for getting the most effective office design while assuring the deliberation of all the office redevelopment issues that need to be inscribed.


The first office renovating step for office space planning that an office interior designer will derive is control of your extant facilities. This can be achieved through office restoration surveys, conferring with the users, and office renovation consultation with seniors or group leaders to determine the company’s office renovation objectives both for short and long term purpose after the office redecoration is completed. The office interior designer will then analyze all these data and also examine trends in your space allotment and your artistic and functional institution. Some important office refurbishment facts to consider is gross density ratio, enclosed to open ratio, conference room ratio and circulation factors.


Gross density ratio is a ratio which can help to regulate your current adaptable square feet per person ratio. This will give you a general overview of the frequency of your existing space for your office revamp. But if you are contemplating a symbolically larger or smaller office, calculations using this ratio for the purpose of office space planning can be inaccurate, as not all rooms or spaces grow or shrink correspondingly.


Enclosed to open ratio is the amount of employees correlated in private or enclosed office workstation compared to those in open office cubicles or office system furniture. Usually, enclosed offices take up more space on a per person substructure, so this ratio may have a direct effect on the amount of total space required for the office makeover.


Conference room ratio is the ratio between the numbers of employee apportioned by each conference room. Institutions accomplishing in essentially open office surroundings tend to need more rooms or pods for private meetings between employees which is applicable for both small personnel meetings and large group or team meetings.


How vast to make the area naturally will alter the overall square flick. So while sizing the rooms appropriately for the office reconditioning must be taken care of, the natural room size is a function of many aspects, and they should be revised with your designer to focus on the relevancy of your operations.


It’s a real tough job to plan the office renovation properly for growth, but sometimes good office renovation explanation and example can be derived from department office renovation budget protrusion, headcount protrusion, hiring antiquity and other market indicators. Naturally some supplementary office space needs to be admitted for growth. Favorably the new space should be sized to domicile all the staffs envisage through the midterm in the lease. Also, you should allow for some extra office redevelopment spaces which will be required for staging the office move. Last but not least, consideration needs to be given too for office carpentry works and office electrical works.


Our reliable and experienced renovation team will leave no stone unturned to build an office that satisfies your business’ requirements, such as acrylic table dividers, adjustable height tables, manager and director furniture, foldable office furniture, filing cabinets or pedestals, office desk accessories, office chairs, office sofas or even a reception counter.

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