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We are the leading Office Renovation Contractor in Singapore. We cater to all non-residential and commercial fitout project sizes. Call +65-6369-8123 Now!
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BCA Registered Office Renovation Contractor in Singapore

Office Renovation
Office Renovation Contractor Singapore 1

BCA Registered Office Renovation Contractor in Singapore

Office Renovation Contractor in Singapore – Office Empire offers a full range of office renovation services for offices, industrial and commercial units in Singapore. Renovating offices is one of our core strengths. We are the leading office renovation contractor with in-house office interior designers, office interior builders, electrical technicians and carpenters for the most efficient renovation work coordination and cost control.



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Office Renovation Contractor in Singapore - A professional Commercial Renovation Contractor will first find out the office renovation requirements of his client.

Office Renovation Contractor Singapore

Commercial Renovation Contractor – Office Empire is a BCA Registered commercial renovation contractor in Singapore, renovating offices of all sizes. Typically, a company in Singapore will hire a fast, affordable and reliable commercial renovation contractor for their office renovation works, to ensure timely handover of the office unit.


Likewise, businesses may engage office renovation contractor to renovate their offices in Singapore or for office interior design services, such as office space planning and 3D drawings. Therefore, a good office renovation contractor knows exactly why a business may need his commercial renovation or industrial renovation service. In addition, they may also need his office renovation project management expertise.


So, a renovation contractor must understand the reasons behind the desired company renovation. Subsequently, this would enable him to deliver high quality office renovating service to their units in Singapore.

Office Renovation ContractorOffice Fitouts

Professional office fitouts from Singapore’s experts in construction and design. Our office fitouts for Singapore can take a variety of forms, including hard or acoustic ceilings, lighting choices, doors in a configuration that promotes privacy or openness, whichever is more appropriate for your office, and modern window signage and frosting.


We are also able to offer product fit outs to allow product displays on a single site where your commercial and office space are combined. This style of office renovation is commonplace among our clients, with many of our satisfied clients having showroom style areas within their offices. You can be sure with Office Empire that our team of commercial builders will guarantee a high-quality product and we believe ours to be the finest office refurbishments Singapore wide.



Office Renovation Contractor Works in Singapore

Whether you are looking to simply refurbish and refresh your office space, or you are after a complete office renovation service in Singapore, Office Empire will work with you to ensure an effective office working space while also maintaining the professional feel and look that your business requires.


When it comes to our commercial office renovation Singapore wide, we strive to offer an exceptional service across project management to minimise business downtime and to assist our clients in getting their new office ready as efficiently as possible. We will seamlessly coordinate and organise all the necessary sub-contractors and suppliers on our end so that you won’t have to, firmly establishing our office renovation Singapore service as one of the finest. So whether you are looking for office partition or office fitouts Singapore wide, Office Empire will look after your needs.



Commercial Renovation

Certainly, office renovation projects that are undertaken by an corporate renovation contractor are very challenging. Therefore, a construction manager may not likely want to delve in that field of work. So, one may ask, what is the difference between a construction manager and an office renovation contractor in Singapore.


Office renovation contractor verses Construction managers: An office renovation contractor is skilled at designing and modifying the office interior design of an office. On the other hand, construction managers are more skilled at the building and decoration of structures. So, extensive changes can be made in the design of interiors and the kind of care being given. Consequently, track record and the office fitting out professional endeavors to maintain the same office fit-out standard and setting of some offices.


However, an office refurbishment contractor also works in situations where we need the offices to be reinvented. For instance, the office needs to be redesigned or even to be updated or modernized with office electrical works.



Office Renovation Services & Office Interior Design

As time goes by, office settings start to have a new modern look. Moreover, office designs and work environment continue to improve. Therefore, a commercial renovation contractor with years of renovating experience is called upon when there is a need to upgrade the office working spaces.


Additionally, office renovation team of professional renovating contractors also need to be up-to-date with the latest creative design. Therefore, this will enable them to stay relevant in the renovation sector for a long time.


Further, an office renovation handyman can also come in handy when there is a change in the occupants of an office. For example, a new occupant most likely will want to renovate offices, change the office interior design and the office furniture, such as staff workstations, meeting tables, manager tables, office chairs and more.


In addition, every occupant of an office always have something quite different from the outgoing occupant. Therefore, the renovating tasks that they give to office renovating or office reinstatement contractor differs. Most likely, there will be a change in the office space planning and office interior design.


Therefore, an office renovating contractor in Singapore should have his renovation work planned out even before the start of the office renovating project. Subsequently, this would enable him deliver a fast and timely commercial renovation service.



Office Interior Design and Renovation

The workspace says as much about a business as it does about the individual employees and business owners who work there. That is why Office Empire is dedicated to building office space from our customer’s point of view. At Office Empire, our office renovation expertise includes commercial office space, corporate headquarters, build-to-suit and many more.


Our main approach of collaborating with all the key decision makers allows us to turn exceptional workspace into reality, delivering both the right feel and look. Building offices with special attention to detail, tightly managed renovation project schedules and precisely monitored budget helps our clients through the renovation process to get the ultimate results that they desire.



Quick and Efficient Office Renovation Company in Singapore

Whether you are looking to bring an older office unit up to date or want to update the building’s lobby to entice potential future tenants, Office Empire can renovate your office space quickly and efficiently, so you can get back to your business without wasting previous time.



Office Renovation Contractor Singapore – Office Empire is an experienced office renovation contractor in Singapore and will take care of your office remodeling projects.


Office refurbishments are necessary because your business is changing. If your business has acquired new resources, grown, or changed the way it does business, your existing office space may no longer meet your business’s needs or allow you to operate as efficiently and effectively as before.


Rather than attempt to shift, move, relocate and find a new office space, you can leverage our extensive office renovation expertise to transform your office space into one that best suits your company’s needs once again.



No renovation job is too big or small for Office Empire

Whether it is an office extension, refurbishment or a new build office, we provide a friendly and professional renovation service that includes all aspects of office interior design, office space planning, office interior construction and maintenance. We are completely committed to every office renovation project we undertake and ensure all are well managed to keep within the renovation budget and on schedule. We are reliable, punctual, tidy and the good relationships we build with our customers means a high level of repeat business and recommendations. Our aim is to provide our clients with absolute certainty in the supply of high quality office interior refurbishment of fit-out projects.



Office Refurbishment Singapore – Expert Office Refurbishment Services in Singapore

Revitalise your office with Office Refurbishment Services in Singapore from Office Empire! An office refurbishment will re-energise your entire business and can be the catalyst for a change within the business. It can address the needs of staff improving the practicality and efficiency of the office. As a whole, office refurbishment can project the vitality of your organisation to the outside world, updating your brand and maximising the use of space and unlocking cost savings.


Having an office fit-out in Singapore carried out by Office Empire can transform your office workspace into a much more practical and enjoyable place for employees to work in. When offices are refurbished in the right way, the benefits can be felt throughout the company. It has been proven that well-designed office refurbishments can benefit the health and well-being of employees.



Refurbishing the Office

Renovating an office is a step by step process involving interior design, project management, office renovation and handover. Knowledge of office units and understanding of your premises is a basis for any office refurbishment contractor, coupled with the objectives of the business in terms of staff strength, adding collaborative spaces, adopting new ways of working, return on capital expenditure and upgrade of services.


An office refurbishment can be carried out by any company, but Office Empire takes the time to get to know and understand how your business operates before any office refurbishment work is carried out. This allows us to create an effective office refurbishment plan that’s tailored around both your business and the people that work there. Having a close working relationship empowers us to plan for an office refurbishment that gets the most out of your office space.


Our detailed space planning strategies give you visualizations and ideas for the revamped office layout, efficient use of space and interior designs. Clarity of project program and any interim moves helps with the management of the impacts on the organisation. Detailed breakdown of renovation costs and strong cost-control ensures the renovation project comes in at agreed costs.



Office Design and Build

Office interior design is a balance between the opportunities of a new office interior and the constraints of existing office finishes, practical necessities and retained elements. Commercial refurbishment can be the most demanding type of office renovation project to undertake primarily as work often takes place around occupied office spaces.


Refurbishing an office unit’s interior typically starts with a layout, based upon the specific objectives of our client. For example, more meeting rooms, more people, more flexible accommodation or cooler climate… whatever is the driver of the office change. Once a layout is agreed, office interior design experience comes into play, this is when our design and build team can help with office refurbishment ideas.


The ideal office interior design is to overlay the new scheme to completely supersede the original interior, ensuring that nothing old undermines the new. The quality of a design can be in the detail, and any remainder from the original interior can glare through a new fit-out. Budget often counterbalances this, and skilled planning will minimise or obscure retained elements whenever possible, whilst achieving cost savings.


Another office renovation design tip is to conceal from first sight anything that must remain. A fire control panel cannot be removed from a reception, but a skilled office designer will devise a scheme so that a panel can be out of initial sight. Alternatively, it can be best to accentuate. Making a feature can often be the best way to avoid an ‘apologetic’ appearance.


Statement office furniture is a great way to accentuate the positive, using iconic or eye-catching office furniture to create a talking point is a flexible and cost-effective update method. Extensive use of existing office furniture in a closed or open plan environment usually translates into the same old tired demeanour but an oasis of new can be good value for money or equally a waste of capex. The trick is to make best use of existing assets without undermining the refurbished office.


Careful project management is always in the background of any successful office revamp. Move plans show existing and new staff plans and help to communicate transitions in a graphical way. Timeline schedule of works convey the project program and set out dates for each phase. This trinity of information…program, moves, and scope of works…are the key deliverables in any project. Purchasing and logistics then devolve from the key parameters. Scheduling of trades and labour, furniture moves and removals crates, all fit into the bigger picture. Coordination with IT support to ensure desktop changes are factored in help all parts of the business, and those of the refurbishment team, work together for a smooth process. When all said and done we never lose sight of the demands for business continuity and proactive project management is the foundation.



What does Office Renovation in Singapore Involve?

Office renovation contractor in Singapore involves office renovation wish-lists from stakeholders. Renovating an office, commercial or industrail unit would involve IT and Comms in the process. Landlord and the local authority can be gatekeepers to be included. The office design process is usually the most engaging part of the process. Living in a building whilst it’s being refurbished is the downside. Considerate project management is key to minimising disruption, communicating with staff and keeping the process on track. The best project management will also be flexible, adapting to challenges during the process.


An office refurbishment specification is a balance between renewal and retaining the existing. Analysis of upfront costs against the potential for future failure underpins many decisions when creating a detailed scope of works. Supporting the whole process are detailed drawings of office layouts, building services, and relocation phases. 3D visuals often support the design process and help to set expectations. Office furniture is often the most visible feature and a good office refurbishment will incorporate furniture at the earliest design stage.


The refurbishment of an office should take into consideration several factors such as the number of people working there and whether it’s an independent or group working environment. Planning out everything from the space people need to the colour of the walls is important; no matter how big or small a factor might seem each element helps to ensure your office refurbishment in Singapore is successful both in the way it looks and works.



A Wide Range of Office Refurbishment Services

Office refurbishment services from Office Empire are an integrated management-and-contracting process to refurbish an office interior. Our objective is to revitalise your office with minimized disruption from the office refurbishment process. Office Empire is an experienced contractor for office refurbishment offering all services using tried and tested suppliers, sub-contractors and our own workers.



Our Office Remodeling Company Services:


Office space planning & office interior design
Program of works and sequence of moves
Site set-up and administration
Office strip-out, office hacking, office reinstatement and office demolitions
Office electrical works including lighting, power, and data
Flooring and floor boxes
Office partitions and sliding/folding walls
Office furniture
Compliance with building regulations, landlord approvals, planning permission
Internal Communications and liaison
Project Management
Office maintenance and repair
Office handyman services
Office term contractor services



Office Remodeling Company Specification Guide

Establishing an office refurbishment specification is a mix of common sense, industry awareness and forethought. Time spent on a specification prior to engagement with contractors will be a valuable exercise, eliminating cost, speeding up the process and ensuring the outcome better fits the objectives.


An office remodeling specification should have common principles no matter what the scope of the project. This guide sets out the topics and alternatives that apply to most office renovation projects undertaken by/for tenants.



Office Refurbishment Project Management

Office Empire is an expert in managing office refurbishment projects. We use a step by step process shown in our Project Management Template page, with hands-on supervision and management of all aspects from works to furnishings, moves to cost control. Communication is intrinsic to every good office renovation project and informing staff and visitors can manage expectations, so an office renovation scheme is a positive process. Corporate office refurbishment demands detailed, hands-on, project management to minimise disruption, ensure good communication to the business, and to achieve a phased program of works. Corporate office refurbishment is a great way to change an organisation as new working practices can be introduced as a part of the office renewal.


See our gallery of completed office renovation projects from a large office renovation to small office refurbishments in Singapore, Office Empire can cater to your needs.



Searching for ’Office Renovation Companies Near Me?’

Contact Office Empire! We have carried out office refurbishment and office fit out for many clients throughout Singapore. Office Empire will handle all the planning and project management to ensure that your office refurbishment in Singapore runs smoothly and is completed by the agreed deadline date.


All office refurbishments are carried out with a client-first policy in mind. We plan and manage all office refurbishments in Singapore on a client by client basis, as no two refurbishments are the same. If you’re planning to refurbish your office space and are looking for office refurbishment companies in Singapore to design and project manage it for you, then get in touch. We are always happy to discuss how we can help you to achieve your dream office space.



Commercial Renovation Singapore Contractor – Best Commercial Renovation Singapore Contractor Company

Commercial Renovation Singapore Contractor – When it comes to needing a commercial renovation Singapore contractor, the team at Office Empire can work flexibly around your commercial renovation schedule. This helps you maintain ‘business as normal’ throughout your office renovation if needed. Being both interior renovation contractors and office fit out specialists, we realise how much the office environment can impact productivity and consequent profitability during as well as after the execution of office fit out services.


Selecting us as your commercial fit-out company will ensure that you can enjoy a seamless transformation from tired to inspired, with minimal disruption to the work of your team. We are an office renovation company in Singapore with a unified service for office interior design and office fit out.


Office fit out incorporates project management, procurement, high standards of workmanship and a knowledge of building infrastructure, to enable the office interior to contribute to business performance. Office interior fit out companies in Singapore with the combined skills and experience of Office Empire, and the ultra-competitive approach that we have, are a rare breed.


Office Empire was established to provide cutting-edge office fit out in Singapore, without the high cost model of many office fit out companies in Singapore. We want all office fit out projects to be enjoyable for our clients. When you choose Office Empire, you aren’t just choosing another office fit out company in Singapore, you’re choosing a company that will become part of your business whilst the office is being fitted out.


If you are looking for a company to bring your office to life, please take the time to contact us with details about the project you have in mind. Whatever your plans for office fit out in Singapore, we can help!



Office Fit Out Contractors in Singapore

As one of the leading office fit out companies in Singapore, Office Empire is able to transform any space into a modern and full functioning office environment. Having office fit out carried out is a major decision for businesses and that’s why it’s important to choose a company that has experience in both design and project management. Office Empire manages all office fit outs from start to finish, to ensure the work runs seamlessly and on time. Taking the time to understand your business and what it’s about enables us to carry out an effective fit out service that meet the requirements of both the company and the people that work there.


Office Renovation – Office Empire provides Office Renovation, Office Reinstatement, Office Relocation and Office Furniture to offices in Singapore. We renovate office spaces all over Singapore and throughout the region. Whether you have got your own renovation ideas, need some interior renovation inspiration for your office fit-out project or is looking for a term contractor to carry out scheduled maintenance, handyman and office repair works (ie: facilities management or facilities services), the professional and experienced team at Office Empire is here to help you create the best office environment possible. From concept to creation, let us inspire you. We design and renovate office spaces all over Singapore and throughout the region. For the full range of commercial renovation services that we provide, do call or email Singapore’s leading commercial renovation contractor and we will get back to you.

Want to find out more about Office Empire’s range of Office Furniture, Office Renovation, Office Reinstatement or Office Mover Service? Do drop us a line and we will get back to you!


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