Office Reinstatement Singapore | Reinstatement of Offices in Singapore
Office Reinstatement Singapore - Office Reinstatement Contractor, Office Removal, Office Restoration, Office Dismantling & Office Hacking in Singapore.
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Office Reinstatement Singapore | Commercial Defit

Office Reinstatement Singapore

Office Reinstatement Contractor Singapore – Are you looking for office defit companies, or, a contractor in Singapore to reinstate your offices? The reinstatement of an office by a contractor in Singapore is usually necessary if the company decides not to renew the lease contract upon expiry.


Handover your existing unit to the landlord without the headache!

Office Reinstatement Singapore – Why does a company need to engage a contractor to reinstate an office? Reinstating of offices and companies in Singapore by professional contractors is usually necessitated by the expiry of the company’s lease period or moving to a new office space. As opposed to leasing residential property, renting shops, office space, commercial space or industrial space comes with a contractual requirement, contained within the non-residential unit’s reinstatement clause. This clause stipulates that the tenant has to reinstate the office to its initial condition at the end of the lease period. As such, if you are moving to a new office space or the lease period has come to an end, you will find yourself in a rush to reinstate the unit to its former condition prior to handing it over to the landlord, thereby “undoing” all office renovation that was done. The rule of the thumb when reinstating an office space is to make it appear the way it did when you first did any office reconstruction works to it. Reinstatement of an Office is a complicated process, which should be carried out by the professionals.


Office Reinstatement Contractor Singapore – The Scope of Reinstatement Works

Every office and business has its unique space requirements. As such, it is common for tenants to have the office renovated, to meet their requirements, after leasing the space. As the tenant, it is your responsibility to get rid of all the temporary fixtures and office remodelling work that was done in the space. In most cases, this reinstatement work has to be accomplished within a short period. As such, the office reinstatement work varies from one office to the other. Mentioned here are some of the common tasks of a commercial unit reinstatement:


Office Reinstatement Contractor Singapore – Why You Need Office Reinstatement Professionals

From the scope of office updating work required for such commercial reinstatement projects, you can tell that it is not an easy task to accomplish. In other cases, this work has to be accomplished within a short period of time. This is why you need skilled and experienced retail reinstatement professionals to accomplish the non-residential unit reinstatement task on your behalf. Attempting to de-fit the office on your own may also result in damage of items in the office. As such, you it’s a better idea to engage the office reinstatement professionals to skillfully and professionally reinstate the office space within the shortest time possible.


Office Reinstatement Contractor Singapore – Cost of an Office Reinstatement Project

Basically, office reinstatement projects do not have a predetermined or rate. The cost of office defit will vary depending on various aspects, such as the size of the office space, the scope of the reinstatement work that needs to be accomplished and the time frame. It is not advisable to primarily rely on the pricing while selecting office reinstatement professionals. Instead, you should consider the skill level and experience of the professionals.


Industry leaders in the provision of office, corporate and retail demolition, deconstruction and makegood services

Having specialised in reinstatements and end of lease make goods for over 10 years, there is a lot we can help with…


Returning of offices, retail and commercial spaces back to “bare unit” or “original condition” is our area of expertise. From initial site visits to handover of the unit to the landlord, we will manage every component of an end of rental agreement office reinstatement requirement. Choose a proven office reinstatement contractor that you can trust and rely on.


In addition to office demolition and office reinstating services, we also offer a comprehensive range of office renovation services for our corporate clients including new office renovation as well as office relocations. Combined with an industry-leading commitment to recycling and waste management with pioneering project management tools designed to keep you informed at every stage, Office Empire is the premier choice in Singapore for your office makegood.


With large project experience, proven reliability, state of the art communication tools, superior recycling programs and competitive pricing – the choice of putting ease into your end of lease is obvious.


More specifically, our range of office reinstatement services include:

  • Property inspection, condition and makegood reports
  • Wall / Ceiling / Floor / Fixture removal
  • Wall / Floor / Ceiling reinstatement
  • Mechanical / Electrical / Sprinkler / Security removal and reconfiguration
  • Recycling strategies for disposable items
  • Patch and Paint
  • Full ‘Original Condition’ or ‘bare unit’ reinstatement and makegood
  • Protection of landlord assets
  • Comprehensive project management of all trades
  • One point of contact for all of your reinstatement and makegood requirements


Reinstatements, strip outs, demolition or defits are an essential but often forgotten part of every lease agreement. When the clock is ticking, you need a reinstatement contractor that you can trust to meet your handover deadline and fulfill your lease obligations.


With over 10 years of office reinstating experience under our belts, Office Empire is the company you will want to engage. We offer a comprehensive range of reinstatement services with proven reliability, an industry leading commitment to waste management and competitive pricing. Whether you require an office closure, refurbishment, relocation or general renovation, Office Empire can help.


For many business owners, moving from one office unit to another is not an easy task. In addition to moving the office furniture and stationery, you will also be required to reinstate the office space that you are moving from. However, you can avoid this hassle by engaging Office Empire – The Commercial Unit Reinstatement professionals! We will remove office partitions, dismantle office tiles, remove office carpet, remove office raised floors, re-paint the office for handover to the landlord. We will even dispose all of your unwanted item and should the need arise, we can also arrange to reinstate office sprinkler system, reinstate office diffuser, reinstate office aircon ducting, etc. Therefore, do not hesitate further, contact Office Renovation Contractors Singapore today for all your Commercial Reinstatement requirements!

office renovation services - office reinstatement work

Want to find out more about Office Empire‘s Office Contractor Singapore Services, Office Renovation, Office Relocation or range of Office Furniture? Do drop us a line and we will get back to you!

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