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Restaurant Renovation

Restaurant renovation is very important for a better revenue and success. Restaurant is a place where people come with their friends and family to eat meals and to spent some good time and well renovated restaurant attracts the customer. There are so many restaurants in every corner of Singapore, so if you want to compete with them and want to be the best restaurant,. you’ll have to adopt the modern and trending renovations in you restaurant.

An appealing dining environment leaves a long-lasting impression in customers’ minds

A well renovated and well redecorated restaurant is beneficial for both customer and owner. A small budget can also help to renovate your space so there is no need to spend a high budget for your restaurant renovation to increase the sales. Trends change with the passage of time so you have to do a smart work for your restaurant renovation. A good restaurant is not just about good food, serving portion and hospitality.


There are so many latest trends which you can adopt in your restaurant renovation. Some of the latest trends are mentioned below.


Wi-Fi High Speed Internet Facility

In today age, internet is the basic need of everyone. It is such a good benefit for business by providing free Wi-Fi facility to customer so they can easily surf internet and amuse themselves while eating their best food.


Floor and Furniture

Restaurant flooring and furniture is an important factor in renovation. Floor must have good design to walk on for customers like on Vinyl, Wooden Floors, Concrete designs and have  the latest furniture like booths, banquet chairs so customer can feel ease and comfort. First impression is the last impression so always leave a good impression on customer mind while they enter in the restaurant.


Lighting and Color Contrast

Lightening and color contrast makes a good impact on restaurant. There should be a unique lighting and contrast for a wow factor like led lights but done use of excessive lights and  color contrast should be in contrast with the other elements of the restaurant. Choosing the right color and lightning influences the mood of the customer.


Functional Areas

There are two most important areas in a restaurant one is the dinning area and other is the kitchen area. There should be more space for the chef and its crew so that work easily and the more space in dinning room can adjust more customer to sit and enjoy their foods. These areas should be renovated very efficiently. When you have a large area kitchen so chef and his staff can make easily more food and serve customers.


Setting Plans

This is the major part in any restaurant renovation. What setting will be best that customers like. You can use some art and decorated work for the settings. Every customer has different taste and likeness so be very careful in setting and decorate your restaurant. You have to do space planning in order to check how much space and area do you have so you can renovate and set it according to the customers taste. Dispose the redundant to gain more space.


Renovation Budget

A good budget means how you renovate your restaurant. It doesn’t mean that you have to spend so much money. A good and smart budget can fill your all desires. Don’t waste so much money because you just need a smart work. Just use your money for useful things. Prepare a list of things that you want to spent on like furniture, decoration. So you can spend your money smartly for your restaurant renovation



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