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Office Renovations Singapore - Office Empire provides Fast and Reliable Office Renovation at reasonable proces. Call us Now at +65 63698123.
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Office Renovations Singapore


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Office Renovation Services Office Renovations Singapore

Office Interior Builder Works

Office Space Planning

Office Interior Design

Office Carpentry Works

Office Electrical Works

Office Reinstatement

Office Relocation


Office Furniture Products Office Renovations Singapore

Office Partition, Office Panel, Office Cubicle and Office Workstations

> 28mm Thick Partition Panels (Desking System): Acrylic Partition Panels, Polycarbonate Panels, Central Upmounted Storage, Office Panels, Fabric and Whiteboard Panels, 450mm Height Panels, 750mm Height Panels, 600mm Height Panels, 6mm Thick Panels, Open Concept Panels, Office Screens, 28mm Thick Panels

> 40mm Thick Partition Panels (Slim Block System): 40mm Thick Office System Partition Panels, Slim and High Office Panels, Modular Office Partition Panels40mm Thick Joined to 80mm Thick Panels

> 55mm Thick Partition Panels (Block System): 55mm Thick Partition Panels, Partition To Create Private Offices, Office Cubicle, Office Partition Panels, Office Panels, Modern Office Furniture

> 60mm Thick Partition Panels (Block System): Movable Partition, Wooden Partition, Call Centre Partition, Office Workstations, Computer Workstation, Working Desk, Work Table, Reception Counter, Room Partition, Office Furniture, Furnitures, Office Furnitures

> 60mm Diameter Partition Panels (Pole System): High Pole Panels, PC Table, Office Partitions, Office Furnitures, Modern Office Furniture, Reception Table, Pole Meeting Table, Pole Computer Table

> 80mm Thick Partition Panels (Tiles System): Portable Partition, Workstation Desk, Office Cubicle, Office System Furniture

Executive Furniture, Manager Furniture and Director Furniture

Meeting Table, Discussion Table, Conference Table and Boardroom Table

> 3-4 Pax Meeting Table and Discussion TableInula Meeting TableDrum Meeting Table, Pole Meeting Table, Abies Meeting Table, Taxus Meeting Table, Pole Meeting Table with Casters, Vitis Meeting Table, Carex Meeting Table, Wooden Meeting Table

> 6-8 Pax Conference Table and 8-10 Pax and Boardroom Table: Abies Conference Table, Taxus Conference Table, Inula Conference Table, Pole Conference Table, Rumex Conference Table, Wooden Conference Table, Cassia Conference Table

> 10-12 Pax Large Conference Table and 12-14 Pax and Long Boardroom Table: Abies Boardroom Table, Vanda  Boardroom Table, Inula  Boardroom Table, Hanako  Boardroom Table, Taxus Boardroom Table

Filing Cabinets, Bookshelves, Bookshelf, Drawers, Pedestals and Hanging Cabinets

Filing Cabinets: Low Sliding Door Filing Cabinet, Low Swing Door Filing Cabinet, High Swing Door Filing Cabinet, Lateral Filing Cabinet, 4 Drawers Filing Cabinet, Bookshelves Filing Cabinet, Low Open Shelf Filing Cabinet, High Open Shelf Filing Cabinet

> Office Drawers and Office Pedestals: 2 Drawers & 1 Filing Mobile Pedestal, 1 Drawer & 1 Filing Mobile Pedestal, 3 Drawers Mobile Pedestal, 1 Drawer & 1 Filing Hanging Pedestal, 2 Drawers & 1 Filing Fixed Pedestal, 2 Drawers & 1 Filing Stand Pedestal, 3 Drawers Hanging Pedestal

> Hanging Cabinets: Soft Closing Hanging Cabinet, Sliding Door Hanging Cabinet, Open Shelf Hanging Cabinet, Open Shelf Top, Top Open Hanging Cabinet

Desk Accessories for Offices

Monitor Arm

Telephone Tray

Document Tray

Box File Holder

Stationery Holder

Keyboard Tray

CPU Trolley

Fixed CPU Holder

Adjustable CPU Holder

Snake Cable

Metal Socket Box

Wooden Socket Box

Office Seating: Office Chairs, Visitor Chair, Guest Chair, Reception Chair, Conference Chair, Meeting Chair, Discussion Chair, Boardroom Chair, Stackable Chair, Foldable Chair, Training Chair, Barstools

> Mesh ChairOE01001 Baby Mesh Chair, OE01036 Mid Back Mesh Chair, OE01070 Executive Mesh Chair, OE01019B Low Back Mesh Chair, OE01002 High Back Mesh Chair, OE01072 Mid Back Mesh Chair, OE01073 Mid Back Mesh Chair, OE01019 High Back Mesh Chair

Leather Chair: OE01018B Low Back Executive Chair, OE01003 High Back Executive Chair, OE01011 High Back Manager Chair, OE01021B Low Back Executive Chair, OE01018 High Back Executive Chair, OE01009 High Back Manager Chair, OE01021 High Back Executive Chair

> Fabric ChairOE01050 Stackable Chair, OE01012B Mid Back Conference Chair, OE01012 High Back Manager Chair, OE01012C Low Back Conference Chair

Barstool: OE01041 Barstool

Office Sofas, Corporate Sofas, Waiting Area Sofa, Reception Sofa, Director Room Sofa and Coffee Tables

Single Seater Sofa: OE03233(SG), OE03236(SG), OE03239(SG), OE03242(SG), OE03245(LSG), OE03245(HSG), OE03247(SG), OE03249(SG), OE03252(SG), OE03255(SG), OE03258(SG), OE03261(SG), OE03267(SG)

Double Seater Sofa: OE03233(DB), OE03236(DB), OE03239(DB), OE03242(DB), OE03247(DB), OE03249(DB), OE03252(DB), OE03258(DB), OE03261(DB), OE03255(DB), OE03267(DB)

Three Seater Sofa: OE03233(TR), OE03236(TR), OE03239(TR), OE03242(TR), OE03249(TR), OE03252(TR), OE03255(TR), OE03258(TR), OE03261(TR), OE03267(TR)


Other Products Office Renovations Singapore

Office Security System


> Door Access System

Track System

> Automatic Sliding Door

> Automatic Swing Door

> Electrical Wall Partition

> Movable Partition Wall

> Sound Proof Partition Wall


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Office Renovations Singapore

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Office Empire is the leading Office Renovation, Office Reinstatement, Office Relocation and Office Furniture supplier in Singapore. We design and renovate office spaces all over Singapore and throughout the region. For the full range of office renovation services that we provide, do call or email Singapore’s leading office renovation contractor and we will get back to you. Contact Renovation Contractor Singapore today to find out more about how Office Empire‘s various renovation contractor services can help you in your renovation projects. Or, are you looking for Electrical Contractors, Electrician, or, a reliable Electrical Contractor that provides Electrical Services in Singapore? Enquire about our Electrician Singapore services now!