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General Contractor Singapore

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General Contractor Singapore – The taste for art of a corporate guy might be rare, as it’s really tough to maintain a taste of culture in the big corporate jungles. But the interior design of your office may help you with that including reflecting your taste for art, attract your clients, improve the productivity of the employees & create an image of ecstasy about your business to anyone and everyone.


Designing or re-designing the interior of your office may seem a real troublesome deal. But like any other things, the simplest solution to start designing your office is to approach each part step by step. Always keep in mind that spending for the designing of your office is an investment rather than expense.


Whether designing commercial space of residential space, the first thing to start is from the interior walls and ceilings. The best way to deal with ceilings and walls is by Gypsum Boards. Gypsum boards are panels with Gypsum cores and covered with a paper. The advantage of gypsum boards is that they are fire resistant, sound isolated, versatile, durable, easy to install and of course, economical. Alternatively, you may engage a general contractor singapore to install it for you!


There are different types of gypsum boards so make sure you pick the right one depending on your purpose. You can find different sizes and thickness of Regular or X type gypsum boards like 1, 1/2, 1/4, 3/4, 3/8, 5/8 and 5/16 inches.


Gypsum boards can be used for false ceilings also. You can use both Single-Ply and Double/Multi-ply application for gypsum boards as ceilings. You do have to keep in about the fact of Control Joints while suing gypsum boards in ceiling.


There are a few precautions you have to keep in mind while using gypsum boards too. Gypsum boards have some disadvantages. You have to maintain a proper ventilation and temperature control system unless you want the boards to bend or shrink.


Now if you are looking for something solid instead of gypsum boards than Plaster Ceilings can be the only great option for you. Plaster ceilings are popular for their durability which gypsum board ceilings can’t offer you. But plaster ceilings are more costly & troublesome to install or repair. So if you are looking for something quick to install in an economy budget then gypsum boards are still a better option.


After selecting the proper materials for your boards and ceilings, now is the time to cut, shape and re-size them. It’s not as easy as it sounds to hack gypsum boards to a proper shape. First of all you need to measure the boards depending where you are going to use it. After proper measurement you have to score the board with a utility knife. Then you can snap off the unnecessary parts back and away.


After the following steps mentioned above, you should have now shaped your office interior according to your desire. But there are still a lot more to go. Now that you have constructed the basic structure of the office interior, it’s time for you to cover the dark and dull look of the black and white floors and ceiling. Tiling and Painting are two great ways to change the look of any office interior completely.


There are different types of tiles to use with you walls or floors like Marble, Slate, Porcelain, Quartzite, Glass, and Granites etc. Always keep in mind that the application of tiles is affected by where you are placing the tiles. The type tiles you are going to use for the employee washroom cannot be used in the conference room.


As the magic of painting work is not applicable for everywhere, so you have to stick to tiling when you will work with the floor. If you have flat concrete floor then you can apply the tiles directly on them, but you need strengthen your floor for tile application if it’s a timber floor. Always pick floor tiles considering that the employees should not break their back by slipping on a smooth or too smooth floor tiling.


Now that you have a perfectly designed office interior, time for you to move in. Remember, only office furniture‘s aren’t enough to make your office interior perfect. So try to decorate the office using painting, lamps according to the color of the walls and so on. Do check out Office Empire‘s broad range of Office FurnitureOffice System Furniture, Office Partition Panels and Workstations, Manager and Director Office Furniture sets, Meeting and Conference Tables, Filing Cabinets and Pedestals, Office Desk Accessories and Office Chairs.


Contact us today to find out more about how General Contractor Singapore can help to build your office within your budget.

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