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Office Renovation Project

Just like any other type of renovation work, an office renovation project requires extensive planning, for it to be accomplished successfully and in the right way. While renovating the office, you should also ensure that you do not disrupt the workflow. Alternatively, you will need to close the business for a couple of days, until the office renovation works are completed. In such a case, the process has to be completed as soon as possible.  Whichever the case, proper planning of the office renovation project beforehand can make the whole difference between a successful and unsuccessful office renovation. Mentioned here are some of the important steps you need to consider while renovating your office space, to ensure that the project is completed effectively, in a timely manner and avoid unnecessary costs.

Determine your Office Renovation objectives and plan ahead for a successful Office Renovation project

Prior to beginning the office renovation project, you first have to ascertain why you would like to have the space renovated. This will help you settle on the right layout and plan for the office. To understand the office renovation goals, you need to consult your associates and attempt to answer the following questions:

  • What factors may affect the schedule of the project? Will the renovation take place while the building is still occupied or will the employees have to vacate the building first?
  • Why would you want the renovation to be carried out? Are you looking forward to modernise the infrastructure, systems, updating the finishing, installing a new technology or you just want a better the aesthetic appeal of the office space?
  • What exterior entities do you need to address? These include the regulatory agencies, which may affect on the project.
  • How much are you planning to spend on the project? Does the amount include all the available funds or have spared some funds for contingencies?
  • What do you expect the office renovation project to achieve, with regards to the quality? Does the budget support this quality expectation?

Such questions will help you come up with office renovation objectives that are realistic and achievable within the available time.


Bring Together a Suited Team

After you have established the objectives for the project, you have to come up with a team of skilled and experienced professionals, who are capable of completing the office renovation project successfully and on time. To begin with, look for the best suited office renovation team. This means that you will need to search for a reputable and qualified office renovation contractor for the project. Hiring a general contractor at the early stages of the project will provide an accurate test-fit budgeting for the project. This is because experienced and skilled office renovation contractors can offer valuable advice on the preliminary budget of the office renovation project.


Another valuable member of this team is the facility representative or executive. This member should be in a position to develop an outstanding relationship with the project team such that he or she can comfortably get information from the team, regarding the project.  The executive will stay in touch with the project challenges, plans and milestones. In such a capacity, the executive can hold the project team accountable for various responsibilities. It is important that you establish the right team beforehand, with the right qualifications, creates a sense of ownership among the office renovator, hence more chances of project success.


Evaluate the Building

With the team in place, you should proceed to evaluate the building to understand its condition, in relation to the set objectives. The evaluation process should cover the following:

  • The condition of the building and its ability to support the office renovations
  • The age as well as the operating conditions of the electrical and the mechanical systems
  • Accuracy of the previous site evaluations on the building
  • Current condition of the existing utilities

This evaluation is essential in that it can lead to the discovery of certain aspects of the building, which may interfere with the office renovation project. For instance the evaluation may uncover the presence of lead, asbestos or toxic mold, which could have halted the project.


Formulate a Schedule

Many people tend to avoid this step because of the misconception that the office renovation project should take a short period. While formulating the schedule, you have to consider the aspects that may disrupt the process as well as the amount of work that has to be accomplished.  For more accurate results, you should start with the day when the project is expected to be through and then work backwards. An accurate schedule will ensure that the office renovation work progresses smoothly without having to sacrifice on the quality of the work and or incur extra cost.


Finally, it is important that you have a contingency budget in place for your office renovation project. This budget is meant to cater for any unforeseen setbacks as the project progresses. This budget should be about 10 percent of the total office renovation project cost. The success of your office renovation project will largely depend on how well you plan for it. With the above mentioned steps, you will accomplish the project successfully, in time and be prepared for any setbacks.

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