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Minimalist Office Interior Design

Minimalist Office Interior Design Singapore 1

Minimalist Office Interior Design

Certainly,  you have heard the adage “less is more,” but sometimes this phrase comes with a cheapskate’s smile and an underwhelming gift. However, in the case of minimalist office interior design, less IS more. Terms like minimalism can often invoke thoughts of strange artistic styles, odd paintings of a single color and overly simplistic and boxy looking cubes passed off as “high art.” While these creations are considered minimalist visual arts, when looking at minimalism from an interior design standpoint, the two words to keep in mind are simplicity and functionality.

Take into consideration not only the functionality of the space, but the actual feel of it too

Minimalist Office Interior Design Singapore


Open space is just as important as used space as it helps create a calm office work space. Clutter and disorganization leads to additional anxiety and discomfort. Everything one takes in visually only serves to affect them psychologically. Recall times in your life when you have had trouble getting started on a paper or a project, whether it be in your house, office, or garage. Sometimes what jump-start projects best is cleaning and organizing the working space. The room feels and looks more relaxed. Having minimalist office interior design would create a work-space that would perpetually exude this more relaxed office environment. In addition, the sleek and clean look appears far more professional and in control than a messy office with files overflowing from every corner.


While minimalism can help create a calm environment, it will fail if the space is not used suitably. Storage and function are immensely relevant and ought to be considered at all times, lest the sleek shelving becomes cluttered with papers and boxes. Creating an office space that utilizes the concepts of minimalism holds many advantages, but most of those would be lost without proper organization and interior renovation plan. The work put into creating the office space would be forfeited. This is not to say that the space would need constant reorganization and tweaking and cleaning. Yet another advantage to Minimalist Office Interior Design is that it is minimal! Clutter is less possible because less objects are available to cause clutter.  Maintenance of this sort of office space would be easy due to the commitment to keeping things simple. Given that an office is by its very nature a work-space and not a living space, minimizing unneeded pieces and knickknacks ought to be uncomplicated.


This is not to say that you cannot have your favorite pieces in your office work-space! If you have a painting that you adore or a sculpture, you do not have to toss it in favor of minimalism. You would simply have that be the centerpiece or part of the theme of the room. Minimalism does not mean you have to remove all personal effects from your office; you merely pick and choose the items that are absolutely most important to you and always keep in mind the balance of open space. The idea of this is not to create a cold and mechanical atmosphere, removing any human emotion from a place. No, minimalism is about creating a space that is free of excess, which helps you focus on the things most important.


If all this seems new world or a little too abstract, know that minimalism began as a movement in the 1960s and 1970s. Approximately half a century has passed since its conceptualization. Considering it some sort of “new world fad” is misunderstanding the character of a style that has deep roots. Visualizing it can be a bit difficult if one is unfamiliar with the style, however a simple web search will yield enough images to convey the intent of minimalism. The feeling that such spaces invokes is not cold nor mechanical, but calm, open and pleasing. Adopting a space in this style yields many advantages, not only in the efficiency of work output and the added benefit of lowered stress, but the simplicity offers potential financial advantages as well.


Remember, less is more. Less office furniture pieces, ornamentation, knickknacks, and excess clutter equals room for saved money. One potential use of this saved money is higher priced pieces. That mahogany office desk you’ve been wanting for years? Perhaps selling excess office furniture and other unused pieces would free enough funds to purchase it. Of course, one cannot guarantee that money will be saved in getting rid of items, however, the increased productivity is a financial benefit on its own.


Minimalist office interior design may sound a bit too modern at first glance, but the sheer amount of possible gain is reason enough to consider change. Reduced stress, easily organized office space, increased professional office appearance, saved money- the list goes on. Remember, less is more. And in this case less is MUCH more.


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