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Hotel Renovation

For your hotel renovation project to be successful eventually, you will have to make sure every single party is informed of the plan and some of the challenges it may pose.  Finishing redesigns in a working hotel, making present principles work in the older building, finishing the project within a limited time and successful managing unknown and existing issues without adversely affecting the plan, the budget and the visitors schedule are just couple of challenges they may arise.

In the event that a building designing and status report is not known before hotel renovation starts, the ultimate design may not work when unexpected challenges pop up

There are some keys that are important for a hotel to be redesigned successfully. They are quite a number but I will just to mention a few:

  • You need to have an objective for your renovation project
  • Set appropriate standards to guide the whole project.
  • Plotting extents of work and analyze how they will connect with your objective.
  • Drawing a schedule that will integrate building renovation and the normal operations to make sure the transition is smooth during the process.
  • Assign qualified foremen who really understand fully the renovation project at hand, have a clear budget and deal with unexpected difficulties quickly the moment they arise.


Renovation Project Team

Regardless of their size, hotel renovation projects have a given amount of money set aside for them. One of the most ideal ways in which owners and investors can guarantee that ventures are finished within the defined spending plan is to draw together a group of experts who have broad experience and can cooperate to manage the whole process as planned. Important members of the team are designers, operators, renovation contractors and owners. Failure to include these members early enough will affect the quality standards, the cost and reliability.


Performance Standards and Objectives

Clear objectives are elements necessary for keeping the tasks on track. Clear with respect to quality, expense and time must be defined before the start of the renovation.



  • Incorporate the time allocated for surveying a property, offering the work, designing the task and doing the renovation works.
  • Incorporate the stipulated time for the construction, for example: from 8am to 5pm.
  • Staying focused on time is basic to the task since clients will be staying at the property while the staffs carry out their jobs. Not including clients and operations amid a task is extremely dangerous.


Renovation Costs:

  • After defining your investment limits, break it into simple factors like operation costs, designing costs and constructing costs.
  • It is also wise to do an evaluation of the market to be sure that business sector will yield profit for the invested capital.



  • Be focused on what you desire the hotel to be like. Establish and maintain a quality standard within a given brand.
  • Quality standards also includes, identifying the present conditions, selecting the appropriate contractors and sketching the appearance and conditions of the hotel


Interior Design

Now, after establishing the standards, determine accurately the condition of the hotel.  Have a precise building status report documented because it has its purposes, for example it can assist in identifying the hotels issues that needs action and other needs that may go unknown.


The Renovation project members should be included throughout the process always. The appointed interior designer sought to submit reports of the progress regularly to the members so that the undertaking is assessed on a continuous basis with regard to time, quality and expense parameters.


Interior Construction

During this process which is usually the core of the project, verify that procedure for purchasing materials and acquiring materials is known and every single important material are promptly accessible before beginning work. Without doing this will delay the whole process and some unfinished and unfurnished rooms will have to be vacant as everybody sits tight waiting for the materials to come.


Finally, come up with a reasonable and settled upon procedure for inspecting and accepting finished rooms to avoid chaos at the end. The owners and the project managers need to be actively involved to make issues efficient for the hotel rooms to be finished and start serving normally within the shortest time possible to avoid inconveniencing clients.


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