Relocating Your Office? Here Are Some Tips.

Relocating Your Office? Here Are Some Tips.

Moving your company offices can be a very tiresome and daunting task—mostly if you fail to do it in a tactful way. The following are some interesting tips you can use to make sure that your process of relocating your office succeeds.


Planning in Advance


Planning in advance is the sure way of making sure you will move your office smoothly. However, best plans may fail, at times. Ensure that you have factored in downtime for the business and what can be done for income during such times.


Finding a good place and optimization of Office Place

New office space may completely reform your place of work. It may enhance collaboration, creativity, and even attract talent. This will give your clients a clear insight into how you operate and who you are. You need to keenly consider the following factors.


  • Do you need permits for council approval for development plans
  • The signage that will help in marketing your brands
  • Do you need individual offices or open plan office
  • Do you want to buy or rent a space?
  • How much space is needed?
  • What is the most suitable location for you?
  • Do you need meeting rooms or packing?


Legal Considerations


Before signing a commercial agreement, you will need legal advice to help you understand your obligations and rights as a tenant. The commercial agreement will help you know the details of the lease and extend options, outgoings inclusion, rent review, and others.


You should understand that moving office can be a good experience, but also costly. Make sure you understand all the costs—including the hidden ones—and that you are acting within your budget.




You need to consider the options of finance (for things like moving trucks, printers, and computers). In case you want to purchase a new property, you should get some information about property finance. Look for written quotes from different parts of your project.


Moving Company


Hiring a moving company should always be done early. You can plan three months before the actual moving date. If you take a lot of time to wait, you might miss a good deal. You should book up and get a complete estimate before signing any agreement.


You should avoid hiring companies that move people to new houses, as they might lack necessary experience to move offices. Hire companies that only specialize in commercial clients and exhibit high professionalism.


Update Contact Information


You should now update your address on business cards, stationery, website, and others. You should also notify your post office, bank, and creditors. In case you have billed client, tell them so that they can update their information on your behalf and the payment is sent to the right address.


Spend enough time to search for your business online—you could find that your business has been listed in old referrals hence the need for an update. What is crucial is that you should have a list of all the people you do business with so that you will not forget updating crucial information.


Moving Day


On this day, you should ensure that your office equipment is safe and everything is organized based on the following checklist


  • You have a schedule-moving day, and you have an additional three-day buffer
  • You have asked the stuff to pack their desks and the common areas like reception and kitchen
  • There is arrangement for moving furniture and equipment
  • Packing has been done early, and storage areas have been prioritized


Moving your office is different from moving a house: you might experience some hurdles that might seem to overwhelm you. However, with proper planning and careful thought, you will go through the moving process smoothly and quickly as possible.


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